So there’s this guy…

Yep, there’s a guy. The Airman and I have had three dates now. I guess you’d call it hanging out or dating or something…but 3 dates have happened and a fourth is in the works.

How strange that in the matter of a month, I have gone from 0 dates  to 3 – and I’m very pleased they have all been with the Airman.

I must say, it really has been quite the adventure. From coffee to a mountain hike & dinner to dinner & a movie. And, the Airman seems to genuinely like me. He is open to my questions & actually listens when I answer his. He’s a lot of fun to be with and seems to enjoy being with me.

I don’t know what people are expecting to read about the dates, and honestly, they seem too precious to give too many details. But, we have been on this adventure together since the beginning, so I know I need to share a little.

A fire last year left part of the mountain looking like this: beauty after the pain.
A fire last year left part of the mountain looking like this: beauty after the pain.

Our second date started a little later than planned due to both of us getting a little lost on the way – but we got there. And once we were there? The anxiety I was feeling from the weird start fell away, and I had a blast. Being on top of a mountain with someone, showing them your home from 4,000 feet high, it’s kind of a unique experience. The Airman isn’t from here, so it was a bird’s eye view of my stomping grounds. This was followed by dinner and a walk around a park…there may have been roses involved 🙂

Our third date was the traditional dinner and a movie. When I think “dating”, it’s definitely an event I think of. Like a rite of dating passage (or something like that). {Side note: if anyone cares: we went and saw Blended. It was fantastic, hysterical. I recommend it.}

The goodbyes are getting progressively less awkward. But, as I said before, I’m not good at goodbyes in any area of my life.

Now, obviously, I am not expert, but everything seems to indicate that perhaps this guy really does like me…And I hope he does, because I’m becoming quite fond of him myself… But, if I may confess something: for some reason, part of me feels that things seem to be going too smoothly. I wonder when he might get bored and move on. Or if I really made the right choice in beginning to date now… Am I ready? I think…But, the fact that I have put so much thought and prayer into this tells me that I am ready. So, I attempt to talk through the worries with my best friends & give them up in prayer. That way, when it comes to talking to & hanging out with the Airman, I can relax & enjoy the ride.


I have to say, true to the start of this crazy train, Cousin has been there before each date with tips and outfit suggestions. And, with the constant reminder to “Don’t Dress Stupid”. She has been there when I want to tell someone about the dates, when I freak out over what I should be wearing, & when I have questions about what might be expected of  me.

I kind of feel a little like Cinderella, which would make Cousin the fairy godmother figure in this story.

As for the Airman being Prince Charming? Well, only time will tell. For now, it’s all just part of the Adventure.

And, what a sweet adventure it’s been.

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