The “Adventures in (Pre-)Dating” tab in the menu above has officially changed to “Adventures in Dating”. Why? You might ask…

In my last post, I introduced the Airman. Since then, he decided he wanted to meet for coffee.

So, we met for coffee.

That’s right, at 25 years and 10 months old, I had my first date. Albeit a coffee date, but a date none-the-less.

I’m not sure what I was expecting as I drove the 40-ish miles to an agreed upon Starbucks, but there was excitement and nerves. Would we recognize each other? Is he going to like me? Is he really a serial killer stalking the internet for prey? (ok, so I didn’t really worry about that last one, but being raised on a healthy TV diet of Lifetime movies & crime shows, one really can’t be too careful).

Honestly, I really believe that the Airman is who he says he is. Still, I did what any self-respecting, Criminal Minds watching, Psychology studying girl would do: I told a few people where I was going, when, & when I’d be back (which is perhaps why my Bestest Friend text me at exactly the moment I told her I was planning to leave. A little reminder that someone was waiting for me, I am not in this alone).

The Airman and I did have a lot to talk about; we have a lot in common. From books to football to country music to our disdain for humidity (yes, that’s a thing!). I really enjoyed talking to him. He’s cute & smart, and did I mention he likes football and country music? Because, other than loving Jesus (yes, He’s a Christian, too) those two are very high on my list of desirable qualities :).

I would have liked to have stayed longer, but I had a previous commitment to get to. So, 45 minutes after I had initially planned to leave, the date had to be over. (By then, I had two friends ready to send in the FBI if I didn’t reach them ASAP. My friends love me 🙂 )

The ending was probably the most awkward part of the afternoon, you see, because in every aspect of my life, I’m am much better at hellos than goodbyes (seriously, this pattern is an awkward magnet in every aspect of my life…). After walking me to my car, we exchanged a couple of awkward “this was funs…”  Luckily for me, he  stepped up & saved me from the awkwardness saying something like: “I’d like to hang out with you again, can I have your phone number?”

I gave him my number…and then stood there…wondering…How does one actually end a date? Hug…? No hug…? Hand shake…? (If you knew me, I mean really knew me, you’d know it is a struggle to decide when to hug anyone. I’m not the best at gauging when is right for the first hug. Nor do I generally initiate it.) So…I stood there. Then, somehow, a side-hug happened and we said last goodbyes.

I sent the appropriate “I’m alive” texts followed by the “Yeah, I had fun, I hope he calls/texts” texts. And went about my merry way. (Don’t worry, in the actual conversations, I was a lot more enthusiastic).

Now, this being my first date and all, you’d think it’d be memorable on it’s own. However, I got a little souvenir that ensures this is a date I will not soon forget, no matter how many dates with the Airman the future holds.

After two hours of sitting outside, back to the sun (half under an umbrella, half not) & after another 30 minute drive with my sun-roof open, I left this date with one of the worst & most awkward sunburns I’ve had since before leaving Oklahoma 7 years ago:

1st Date Sunburn


People have asked me (re: the sunburn), “was it worth it?” Well, considering, it was my first date ever, and it was only slightly awkward & didn’t suck at all. Yes, it was worth it…

Oh, and the Airman wants to see me again, so, definitely, it was worth it ;).

6 thoughts on “One…

  1. Hooray! Sweet, sounds like a fun first date for you! 🙂 I hope you and the Airman have a great time on your second date in the future 🙂 By the way, I hope your sunburn feels better soon.


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