Here’s my Five Minutes. My clock says it’s 10:25, but really it’s basically 11:25 and that alarm is going to ring an hour earlier, but I’m going to participate anyway…

Here’s how it goes. Hundreds of us take 5 minutes to write (usually on Fridays) about a topic, no over-thinking, no extensive editing. Just writing. Then, we link up over at Lisa Jo’s blog for Five Minute Fridays.

Got it? Ok. This week’s topic is Willing.

Ready? GO

Today I am tired. I am disillusioned. I am drained. I am discouraged.

I don’t want to be around people.

I want to hide away, to quit, to abandon ship & just “settle down”…

But, I am willing.

Willing to continue to show up where I need to be.

Willing to continue to follow the path God has set before me.

Willing to keep trying, despite being tired, being disillusioned, being drained, being discouraged.

I am willing to move forward.

And that, is half the battle.


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