Today’s Choice Matters Most

Recently, my readership spiked as people came around to read about the unique “Unicorn Betty” who had never been on a date, even though she’s 25 years old.

And, even though that Adventure in Dating continues, it has an Ecclesiastes 3 kind of flow (a time for everything…) When I’m not actively seeking advice from Cousin, or talking to Cousin and her fiance’ about what dating is like, or checking my online dating profile, or anything else relating to my dating-life (or lack-thereof), I have my life.

I feel as if I put away the “Unicorn Betty” persona and become just me, Candice Jenee, the 25 year old California girl who has never been on a date. The girl who is getting her Masters’ degree, serves in youth leadership at church, and is about to embark on a new job adventure. (One that will give great exposure to hopefully meet a potential date…fingers crossed ;).

And, Candice Jenee, the girl who participates in Five Minute Friday over at Lisa Jo Baker’s site. Each week (and this week seemed particularly long…) there is a prompt and writers from all over participate, spilling their heart into blogs and encouraging each other’s craft. 5 minutes, free write, whatever comes to mind. No over-thinking. No extensive edits.

This week’s word is Choose

Ready? GO:

At the beginning of this year I made some goals:

  • Write every day
  • Read the entire Bible
  • Read all the Chronicles of Narnia
  • Read any C.S. Lewis book that I have yet to read
  • (And, yes… Go on my first date… Ever)

Though, as the first day of March is upon us (mere hours away), I have failed at the first one. I am sorely behind on the second one. And, I’m not even sure of my progress on the rest.

I get overwhelmed by the day-to-day monotony that is life. I succumb to a cold. I adjust to a job I’m not as excited about, then to no job, then to a new job. I write papers and read text books.

And, I lose sight of my goals. Goals that are meant to help me get closer to the life I want to have. My dream life, if you will.

But, only two months are gone, and in those two months, I have accomplished much, even in moving towards my goals.

A document of 700+ words pounded out in a matter of minutes, pouring my heart out in writing as I so love to.
Three books of the Bible read in their entirety.
New interpersonal skills picked up, confidence built, boldness practiced.
The Magician’s Nephew & Till We Have Faces completed.

From today forward, I can choose: choose to prioritize. Choose what I want my life to look like and begin to live it out. Choose to make the decisions that move me forward, growing.

Choice. It’s power. Power I have to move and to direct my life and my dreams.

So, yesterday I chose not to write. Tomorrow I may choose not to write. But, today I chose to write.

After all, it is today’s choice that matters most anyway, right?


2 thoughts on “Today’s Choice Matters Most

  1. Absolutely. It is the choice you make ~ NOW ~ that creates the glory in the next moment of time! Rest in the love that IS ~ in this moment ~ experience the peace of His Presence ~ here & now ~ then watch what happens next! So glad you visited me; what joy this visit with you!


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