The White Stag

When I get a C.S. Lewis book in my hands, my heart melts a little. Fiction or non-fiction. Ancient lands to Contemporary London to the space between Heaven and Hell. I love his works, his words, and the heart behind them all.

But, my favorite place in his stories? Narnia. (I bet you saw that coming, huh?)

At the end of one of the most well known of his works, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, there is a rumored return of the mysterious white stag. This beautiful, mystical deer is elusive & rare. It’s origins are unknown, and it’s said to have the ability to grant wishes.

And so, the Kings & Queens of Narnia set out on horseback to hunt the magnificent creature. Once spotted, they try to follow him on foot in hopes of having wishes granted for their Kingdom. The Stag, however, evades them – essentially leading them out of Narnia and back into the real world.

This reminds me a lot of our own “hunt”: each of us out there looking for our own white stag, if you will.

Ultimately, we all desire to find someone to walk through life with. We hope for something strong. Something lasting.

Something that seems so evasive, so mysterious to each of us, but that we hope will have a positive affect once it’s found.

Even in today’s world of serial dating, hook-ups, divorces, and multiple marriages, most people really are just trying to find someone special.

But, before the Kings & Queens could get to the point of being able to even go after the white stag, they had a lot of growing up to do. When we meet them at the beginning of the story, they have no idea who they are. They have no idea what their purpose is. They don’t know what role they play in the story.

Over time, they learn & discover who they are, what their purpose is, and what role they play. It is in the midst of walking all this out that the white stag crosses their path.

And, as we are all on the hunt, we must remember that: We have to be about becoming who we are, what our purpose is, and what role we play. We must become someone worthy.

We must work on becoming a white stag (or a unicorn, as I’ve been called) in our own right.

So, until I meet someone, that is what I try to do. Know who I am & what role I play, and live that out. Continue to lean on God to lead my life & trust that in His time, I will find what I am looking for.

And this current “dating adventure”? That’s a part of it.

For me, at this precise moment, this experience is about that first date.

But, it’s more than just about a random 1st date with any random guy. That’s not something I’m interested in, not something I want at all.

And, this definitely is not about kissing some random guy just to get kissed.

This isn’t a desperate plea to fill my dance card just because it’s empty, or dating just to date. (If it were, I could have compromised some things a long time ago just to avoid being single & alone).

This is about the possibility of what’s to follow. It’s about taking the adventure from the first date to the possibility of something lasting – and for me, something built on a foundation of Christ.

So, while the first date (whenever it happens…) may be fantastic, I can also acknowledge it may be just ok…I expect some awkwardness, but I also hope for fun… And, if I’m lucky, a 2nd (and so on) will follow.

As for that first kiss? That will happen in time. But, after 25 years, I’m not just looking to give it to just any ol’ body. It won’t be going out on a first date, and definitely not until there is a real connection, trust, and potential.

It may seem rare for someone to be in the position I’m in, but that’s part of what makes me unique.

Really, though, I’m on the same journey as everyone else:

Just a unicorn looking for a white stag.
If you have been enjoying my posts, let me know. Have any comments, feel free to share. Are you on your own crazy dating adventure? I’d love to hear about it 🙂


5 thoughts on “The White Stag

  1. I love your writing voice! 🙂 Keep on following the path through the woods and hope you enjoy the journey, Candice! I've been there too–as a long-time introverted single girl I didn't go on a real date til I was 23. It's definitely been an interesting learning & growing experience 🙂 Praying for you, friend.


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