Five Minute Friday – Write

I have been posting a lot lately… Mostly about my new adventures in dating.

But, today is Friday. And, that means a break from dating posts (or really any other kind of posts) to participate in Five Minute Friday. It’s a community of bloggers who write for five minutes, no extensive editing, no overthinking. 
And, this week’s topic is WRITE.

First will be my post, then, one of my works.
Ready? GO:

The compulsion is so great.
It is with me each day as I wake & each night as I end my day. It follows me always: an unrelenting passion.
Like an addiction that cannot be denied, even when I wish it silent.
A novel penned & published. A devotional in progress.
Poetry. Short stories. Works available on Amazon.
Facebook posts. Tweets. Blog posts.

Even my Instagram posts all have captions.

It’s part of my calling and cannot be denied.
It is a gift I can share with the world & I am learning to share it. Openly. Candidly.

Magnificent – Ephesians 2:10
I wonder if God exclaims
When one of His courageous children
Begins to live out the 
He has placed in their heart.
God crafts each of us with such 
Making each of us a 
Beautiful masterpiece.
I can’t help but think
When one sheds the idea of
He is in the heavens thundering

10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Write

  1. I’m excited you found my blog…and I found yours! 😀 I just found out about five minute friday and I believe I would like to start doing this myself. 😉 Look forward to seeing what God lays on your heart. Blessings!


  2. I love this!! And I so love the words of your ending poem. He does craft us each with care. “Craft”… I like that word so much better than “form” or “create”, but YES HE is a craftsmen crafting men (and women) each with intention. 🙂 thanks for writing and for stopping by my blog. Can't wait to read more.


  3. What a beautiful, overwhelming thought you've captured here, Candice – “When one sheds the idea of Impossible, He is in the heavens thundering Magnficent!” I love the diversity of your writing interests and the enthusiasm and confidence with which you write. Keep at it, girl. It is, truly, magnificent.


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