5 minutes – SMALL

I like to participate in Five Minute Friday. I know, it’s actually Saturday, but the link stays open all week. It means, I just write for 5 minutes on the prompt over at Lisa Jo Baker’s site. Whatever comes up. No extensive editing. No over-thinking. Just writing.

This week’s prompt is Small.

Ready? GO

A wood between worlds;
A wardrobe with a secret.
A painting alive with ship & sea.
A never-ending story,
Lands called Wonder-, Never-, and Oz.
The wizard realm,
The hobbit’s shire.
A chocolate factory a buzz.
100 acres with animal friends,
A garden long locked.
A little “princess” and
A girl named “Annie”.
A little girl with matches, 
A boy in a Snow Queen’s spell.
Green gables & houses on prairies, and
Life with the “Wild Things”.
You see, Tolkien, Lewis, Andersen, Carroll, Barrie, Milne, Alcott, & countless others understood something powerful:

Children’s minds & hearts are open to the greatest dreams & the grandest adventures

Though children are small, there is no limit to where the imagination can take them. Their faith is often great, and their curiosity greater. Small is merely how we perceive them…
Oh, that I could dream as big now as I did when I was small…

4 thoughts on “5 minutes – SMALL

  1. Visiting from Five Minute Friday. Oh Yes! As I read these again to my children, we are all swept away together by imagination. I listen to them playing and wish I could dream and get lost in it all. Thank you for sharing!


  2. This is a beautiful and enchanting picture of the power of imagination..The link between great curiosity and great faith is worth pondering until it takes hold and changes me…:) thank you for such a beautiful way to stir my heart!


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