I know many of you have probably noticed: I’ve kind of let this blog go.

Though writing is still my unrelenting passion, I have just been very un-inspired. In the area of blog writing, book writing, note writing, journal writing, church writing…basically any kind of writing has been blocked for me as of late.

However, recently I got the opportunity to take a trip back to Ireland to go on a mission trip and help with a Bible camp.

Before I left, I prayed that God would reveal to me what was going on with my life. Between a business re-launch, school, a job that I love but know is just temporary, and being a leader at church, not to mention, my almost non-existent social life and strained finances I felt pulled in a thousand different directions.

I needed focus. I needed motivation. I needed energy.

I knew I wouldn’t get any of these if I continued on as I was, with no break or chance to slow down and re-assess.

So, as I headed off for a busy week in the Irish countryside (which, yes, is just as beautiful as you can imagine!), I prayed that in the quiet moments that I did get, God would reveal what I was missing. What had He been trying to reveal that I was just not getting?

While over there, I got the chance to meet a great team who were like minded & had much passion for the work of Christ. It was so refreshing.

I was able to work with great kids and share with them Christ’s love and that they are each precious to their Creator. It was so sweet.

But, I wasn’t entirely sure my prayer was answered.

Until, yesterday, when I realized that God had been opening up my mind and making it easier to write again. He had lifted some of the block, sent encouragement my way, and planted seeds for current and future projects. This has filled me with a new energy to do what I know He has called me to do: write for His glory.

So, while I know I will not always update the blog on a schedule, I have a few posts in the works to be posted soon. I know that God will continue to open up my mind and creativity to be able to share with everyone.

So, I’m back. Keep your eyes open. Updates about future books, book launches, coaching, and what God is teaching me are just a few of the topics to come, a long with a wide variety of other topics :o) Can’t wait to share with you all.


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