Journey of Change…

Lately, my business partner Laura Noelle and I have been seeing a lot of changes in our lives.

Personal changes, such as starting school (me) and getting married (her), have led to changing ideas for how to combine our passions and our goals into a new business platform… Changes in business have led to yet more changes in our personal lives.
It’s like a cycle of change, and at times we feel very overwhelmed & unprepared.
Yet we move forward. Both of us knowing the new direction is the best direction. Both of us knowing that our biggest passion is helping others find their passion and restore simplicity and harmony in their lives.

Even with the education and life experiences, I still sometimes wonder, who would come to me for coaching/mentoring? Am I really ready to take this dive? Does all the education and experience really matter, and are my credentials enough? Is my life at a place where I would like it to be as I make this business transition?

Yet, I know I am ready and will continue to get ready, because life is a journey. I will never have fully arrived, just as my clients will be on a journey, and we will journey together. My journey affecting theirs and vice-versa.

Life-design coaching and mentoring aren’t about giving someone direct answers to “problems” but helping them search inside themselves to find the strength and answers that were there all along, and encouraging them when they need the extra boost. It’s about having someone who’s ears you can bend and who may have some ideas, suggestions, or “maps” to help with different situations; whose own battles with procrastination, organization, and simplifying life you can learn from.

This is why today I am fighting my battle with creativity block and procrastination and:

  • Doing laundry
  • Finally posting an update
  • Getting my schedule planned
  • Reading for my class
And, ever so importantly: Cutting Myself some slack.
It may not be a perfect journey, but it is mine. And my journey will influence others.

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