Today is a Five Minute Friday. This means I will write for five minutes. No editing; no over-thinking. Today, the prompt from Lisa-Jo is STORY.

Ready? GO:

Each of us has a story. Each story has its own highs & lows; plot twists & cliffs hangers.

My story has taken me all over the place and back to where I started.

God has truly been the author of my life, even when I haven’t been able to feel Him near me.

There have been many chapters of my life marked by the darkness of depression, but that wasn’t the end of my story. God brought me through and out to the other side where I can now share of His healing, grace and mercy.

It is through sharing this that I have learned one important thing:

My life is not my story – my life is HIS STORY. 


I wrote a novel that reflects the depth of my struggle. A struggle that many others in the world face each day. As a thank you for reading, I am going to be giving away two copies of my book. The giveaway opens today and closes on July 20th. Simply comment on any post between today and then. I will pick two winners from those who comment. Be sure to leave an email so that I can get in touch with you to find out where to send the books. 
In sharing my story of struggle, I have learned that my darkness can be used to show someone else how to find the light. Have you learned that? What ways have you found that your story is actually His story? Comment below, please. Or, if you would like to reach out to someone, my email is candice [@] angelinkilluminations [dot] com.

3 thoughts on “Story

  1. Great job, Candice! It's wonderful to stumble onto your blog through Five-Minute Friday. While I am sorry to hear about your struggles with depression, I am overjoyed at God has been able to work things out for your good. As for me, I fought with being afraid of EVERYTHING for a very long time; recently, however, God has shown me that I needn't be afraid because He is with me and I can do all things through Him. Blessings to you!


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