Life Unmasked: Living Worthy

“Whatever happens, live in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ” – Philippians 1:27

For the past couple of weeks, I have been FAILING at this. Absolutely failing…more thoughts than not have been on the things of this world, on what will make me happy, on how I can just get by in this life.

Apathy and a lack of focus have set in with each passing day that I am not in school or moving towards a goal. Each day that progress is painfully small should still be exciting, but I’m a big picture kind of girl, and I am not liking the picture that I am seeing.

I know what I have been called to; I know who called me. I know He wants more from me than escaping into a fantasy life because I’m discontent with where my life is currently.

Even my One Year challenge has been slowed, almost to a screeching halt. I am so anxious about the changes, it all seems overwhelming, and all I want to focus on is what makes me think I “feel good” right now, at this instant.

But, there is beauty here:


I don’t have to stay defeated. I don’t have to give into the failure day in and day out. Each day I can decide to keep moving forward, to keep trying to live in a manner worthy of Christ. I can decide in that day to live out in faith the belief that I claim.

I can turn the last couple of weeks into learning experiences, not outright failure, and then they become a part of my story. Time utilized, not lost. Knowledge absorbed, not hours wasted.

Sometimes, I just don’t live up to what I am called, but each day, each hour, each minute, is a chance to change that.

Thanks so much for reading! This is a life: unmasked post. A portrait of me living honestly…sometimes, life is messy. How about for you?

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