Life: Unmasked – A Block

For over a week and a half now I have been experiencing writers block unlike any I have known for a long while. This is unfortunate because I am not only trying to build my readership here, but I am also in the middle of a book project that I feel very passionate about.

During this time, I have had many ideas of what I could write about, but none seem to come to life before me.

Adding to the trouble is the fact that between work and school, my workload is growing while my free time is dwindling; and honestly, I am having a hard time keeping up.

Life is in a transition right now, one that is far more exhausting than I expected it to be. Transitioning out of my “day job”, preparing to train my replacement (assuming one will come in soon), and bracing myself to have no traditional way of bringing in income is taking it’s toll on my ability to create an interesting piece of work.

All of this is leaving me open, vulnerable.

The enemy is at work behind the scenes.

I know this, because I can feel it threatening to come back again…the doubts, the frustration, the stress, and the anxiety as a springboard for the darkness I know the enemy wants to throw me back into.

This time, though, I know what I am up against. I have my own words from before reminding me where I was and where I should never return.

And, I have HIS Word, telling me:

I am protected…HE has OVERCOME the darkness that wants my mind, and ultimately…

So, while I am still unable to put together many good posts, or devotions for my book project, or ideas for new cards for my business, AngelInk Illuminations, I know that this is only one point in time.

The writer’s block is not permanent.

The transition will soon settle out into what is yet unknown.

And, I will be back to my creative, passionate self.

Because, that is who God created me to be, and He has given me all I need to continue to be that. All I have to do is seek my rest in Him.


Are you finding yourself somehow blocked from your passion? Is life overwhelming you to the point of missing out on what you are meant to be doing? I encourage you to find your rest in Him (Psalm 62:5).

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