In Search of Beauty…In Myself

This weekend was such a great blessing! I spent the weekend at a Women’s retreat.
At this retreat, GOD spoke through several beautiful women straight into my heart.
He knows what speaks to each of us, and He knows how to speak through each of us.
For me, a wide expanse of Ocean is a reminder that there must be a GOD and 
He is a Creative GOD, for he made something so beautiful, mystical, expansive, and knowable while still being much unknown.
This is the view from the house we met in for retreat:

Nothing so soothing as looking out during worship,
and being doubly reminded of who you are singing to.
There are few things as beautiful in this world as seeing people worship the Lord. 
I love seeing those I have poured into connect in worship; and even more than that, 
I love seeing women who have poured into me worship,
because they are teaching me what I teach others.
Worship is not just about one song – it is a dance, a raised hand, a kind word, a hug – 
A lifestyle. Giving of your passion to live in service of the Kingdom.

Below are my cousins, two of the most beautiful people I know
(which really describes my whole family),
worshiping in their own ways:

One sings, one dances.
Both use their passions and talents to
give worship offerings to God.

This weekend I was reminded by the speakers to let go of my excuses, say yes to GOD, 
and let my light shine in the world, my life being a sweet aroma to the Father.
These women support me, they are lifting me up in prayer:
 my life, my business: AngelInk Illuminations
and, my book project that shares my battle and allows me to be vulnerable with the world.
In saying yes, I vowed to stop on the drive home if something in GOD’s creation
caught my attention-
Or my breath:

I love driving through the eucalyptus, especially on cloudy, fall days!

I just came from somewhere on the other side of this beauty-
and just drove through it to get to where I am.
Clouds carry rain – and rain carries promise of growth!

This weekend could not have come at a better time.
GOD knows what He’s doing, even if I don’t. 
GOD makes no mistakes, even if I do.
And, that means, I re-discovered the truth of one more beautiful crown in His creation this weekend:

Myself…I am a beautiful Creation.
(photo by: Aunt Myrna)

May you see your own Beauty in GOD’s creation…because, and read/hear this clearly, 
You ARE His Beautiful Creation! – 
If you have any doubt about this, read Genesis 1, and then read Psalm 139.
If you have any doubt that you are loved, read John 3:16-17; then read Romans 5:3-5.
After that, read about Jesus’ birth, life and death.
That [referring to the Bible passages] all happened for me, but it happened for you too.
You are loved, You are beautiful,
and You are the crown of His creation.
(And, he has created some beautiful sights).

A beautiful basin of water greeted me as I emerged from the Eucalyptus Wood.
The water basin, the mountains, the trees, the clouds, all created by His hands –
And we are more beautiful still! 

I pray each of you find blessings and hope this holiday season.
Are you struggling with seeing your own beauty? Please read the verses above. 

If you have struggled in the past, please share what finally revealed your beauty to yourself. 

A particular verse? A word from God himself? 

Thanks for reading! I so enjoy sharing my journey with you. This blog is part of a Search for Beauty. To see more who have found beauty, visit Shanda’s blog.

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