Maven Mondays: Motherhood, Entrepreneurship, & More – with Laura Noelle

I used to have a post series (or, rather, I wanted to) for Spotlighting amazing women…well, I’m bringing that back in a new way. And to kick it off, I’m going to do an update of the original (and only) spotlight Sunday post I did.

In April of 2013, Laura Noelle wrote this post: Motherhood, Marriage, and Ministry. After you read these update questions I asked her, please go back and read the original post.

Laura is a dear friend of mine. She’s a wife, a mom, a fellow spoonie, and she runs a business. We’ve been in business together and separately for over a decade (ugh, that almost hurts to write).

Yet, we’ve both learned and grown a lot over those 10+ years, and neither of us is immune to the hardships of motherhood or marriage or business ownership, or heck, even our physical/mental health.

So, here are a few questions I asked for her to share with us to kick off the new Maven Monday series:

  • What have been some of the biggest challenges of running a business while navigating motherhood & chronic illness?

These days, I find that my energy levels are limited, and my creativity can only go so many places. It’s easy to put all my resources into parenting and homeschooling, and leave nothing for my business. Especially with chronic illness, I find it easier to procrastinate and make excuses. They may be valid, but they aren’t helping me grow as a person or business owner.

  • What is your biggest dream for your business (as if money, time, and energy weren’t obstacles)?

I find my own dreams are always evolving; but, I see my business as a ministry to help mothers who need help simplifying life. I can envision books published, courses offered, possibly even speaking at conferences along the way. Big Dreams 🙂

  • What’s your biggest encouragement for other mommas running businesses while navigating motherhood and chronic conditions?

Running a business takes a lot out of us, especially while mothering and struggling with chronic illness. It’s so important that we believe in ourselves. That we believe our message is important, that God has given us a platform – however that may look – and we can make an impact despite our struggles. If you are doubting your ability, know that how you do it may look different from others, but you can still do it and have an impact.

Laura Noelle

If you want to get to know Laura more, please go read her original piece on our blog, and check out her website:

Want to be considered for a future Maven Monday piece? I’m looking for mommas or moms to be who are staying home or working from home. Who are navigating or have overcome chronic illness, mental health struggles, or overwhelm, and are now using that to encourage and serve others, whether in ministry or business. Let’s chat! Get on my calendar and see Maven Monday is a place for your story!

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