Momma’s Heart Update

So, I didn’t end up writing every day. Now, I want to fill you in on why & let you know that the Momma Heart February series will continue – just with a little bit of grace and leeway for myself.

This week a lot of pregnancy complications came up. A couple weeks ago, we had an appointment with the hematologist (finally) & discovered I was even more dangerously low on iron than expected, so last Friday, I got an iron infusion. But, before that, I was so exhausted just trying to keep up with the house and a one year old and my work from home teaching job…

This was all followed by a weekend of extreme contractions – yes, real contractions – that sent me to the hospital, twice. Don’t worry, baby boy seems content to stay put while my uterus seems content to make me miserable until baby boy decides it’s time to make his debut…

So, writing my Momma heart posts here and on Tiny Nephesh Village kind of went by the wayside.

However, contractions have calmed, baby boy is staying put (we’re 33+4, so he needs to stay put at least 4 more weeks, please), and my iron infusion has made a WORLD of difference, so, I’m pressing on with picking up where I left off.

Yet, now, instead of putting on so much pressure to write every day, I just plan to write as many days as I can, and share the thoughts on my momma heart. I hope you’ll stay along for the ride.

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