This Momma’s Heart: Preparing for 2 under 2

Tonight, my mom came over to help me prepare freezer meals. (Post on food prep to come). We made 13 meals for about $25, which will help me a ton as my husband is on the road this month.

I already have a list of other meals to add as the month goes on to prepare for when baby number 2 gets here…because I’m almost 33 weeks pregnant with my second baby in just as many years.

So, how do I prepare? Honestly, I don’t know…

Pregnancy has been hard on me. Twice. Physically & mentally, medically, we know this is our last biological child.

But, I honestly don’t know all the best ways to prepare…but I’m trying.

When baby girl came, she was 3 weeks early, and I packed my hospital bag during the first hour of contractions after my water broke…needless to say we weren’t as prepared as we wanted to be.

I desperately need it to be different this time around, as we already have one little human to take care of, and will soon have 2.

I’ve read the blogs, checked the facebook groups, watched youtube videos, and watched other mommas to see how they do it, and what I’ve found? Everyone does it their own way. Sure, many have similar advice, but ultimately, everyone does it their own way.

So, I’m trying to take in the advice that I know will work with our family, and leave the rest. Feel free to do the same with my examples below. Each of us have to do what’s right for our family.

While I sit here trying to figure out how to prepare, here are the things we are doing:

  • Graduating baby girl to a convertible car seat & “big girl” crib. She’s so tiny, she has been safely sitting in her infant seat for her whole first year. Now, she graduates to big girl stuff, as we will soon need the infant seat and pack n play bassinet for baby boy.
  • Prepping some freezer meals. After baby girl, we ate so much fast food. We did get meals from others, but didn’t cook much at home. We also had the tiniest freezer (hello, 26 ft travel trailer was our home). I want that to be different this time, and make it as easy as possible for hubby & I, as well as making sure our baby girl is getting what she needs.
  • Getting bulk diapers, wipes, and other house hold paper goods. In those early days, trying to think of replacing diapers, wipes, paper towels, toilet paper, pads, etc, is not something either my husband or myself wants to think about. So much for us is already happening, it will be nice not to have to think of these few items.
  • Setting up the babies’ room, even though baby boy will be with us for the first 9-12 months. Baby girl gets her own room, and it really should be in order so that she can feel comfortable in there. It will also make it easier when we have to transition baby boy in there, too.
  • Cleaning and unpacking. We’ve lived here since October, but have been slowly organizing, unpacking, and cleaning. Taking it box by box, room by room. We have a few more weeks to get the rest of it done, or as much as we can. Neither of us is pushing it, but we know it will make bringing a new baby home easier.
  • Planning. Planning. Planning. I have set up a calendar in our kitchen (thanks to a Christmas gift from my step-mom). I have my planner/bullet journal set up. I have our appointments, our meetings, our work schedules all laid out. Easily accessible. I’ve even started using google calendar for my husband to keep track, too.
  • Setting up contingencies for keeping both kiddos safe while I cook, shower, clean, or use the bathroom. We have a large in door play area for our older baby girl, and a baby swing for baby boy. That way, for those moments when I need to step away, or even just into the kitchen (I have full view of the living room), I have peace of mind both are safe and sound, even if tears happen. Many of these events happen mostly when hubby is home, but we all know those solo mom moments come along.
  • Re-adjusting my teaching and business schedule, even setting up posts and videos in advance. After baby, I know I will need to slow down. As hubby still has to work, I will take a step back. Setting posts ahead of time, setting flexible classes, and shortening my hours worked, we will be able to balance taking care of two kiddos together, as well as helping each other get better sleep.
  • Attempting to give myself grace…and accept help. This time around, we live near my mom and my sisters. I am working to learn to give myself grace in this tough season, and accept help. Thankfully, accepting help from my family is just a little easier than from others. I just need to get better at it, overall. And, knowing the housework may fall behind in favor of spending time with my family and taking care of my two littles. Allowing my momma heart to be ok with that is one other thing I am working on, even now, as anemia has been keeping me from doing everything I’d like to do.

So, there we go. These are the biggest things we are doing to prepare for a new baby. Since baby girl was early, and we got pregnant so soon postpartum, we have a high chance of bringing home baby boy early. So, I am doing my best to get ahead of everything much earlier this time around.

As hard as I tried to prepare, I was caught so off guard last time around, I am doing my best not to be the same way this time.

If you’re reading this, as a mom of two under two, or a momma of multiples, leave some advice below. I’m taking it all in as I can for what will work for us. If you’re about to also be a mom of two under two and wondering how to prepare, we’re in this together. Maybe some of my tips will help. Or the tips other mommas share.

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