February Writing Challenge: Writing Every Day

It is my goal this month to write every day. Or, at least have a post for every day. I am doing this series in conjunction with Tiny Nephesh Village, my membership site.

Between these two blogs, I will be posting every day this month (starting with today, the 2nd). The theme of this month: MOMMMA HEART & CONFESSIONS.

It’s time for me to get back into the groove, and along with my Work From Home/Stay at Home mom membership site, it’s time for me to step into the business call God has placed on my heart. So, I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

As the month progresses, I will come back here every so often to link the posts from each blog so they are easy to find.

The first post will be live later today here at Tiny Nephesh, it’s all about Prenatal/Postpartum Depression/Anxiety.

I look forward to sharing this momma journey with you.

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