Thoughts from a Mom After Daylight Savings Time Ends

It’s only Tuesday, and at that, the sun is practically setting outside my windows already.

Before I was a mom, I looked forward to this day every year. Because, I did manage to get that extra hour of sleep.

Not so as a mom, because babies don’t understand time change. (This is going to make our 2 week road trip so interesting).

As far as Daylight savings time ending – I officially think we need to get rid of it all together. Because, as I said, babies don’t understand time chance. And, this momma does not enjoy waking up before 6 am – yet baby girl is wide eyed and ready for the first part of her day by 5:30 am…which is throwing off bedtime.

The biggest thing I’ve learned as a mom after Daylight Savings Time has ended is that this is one of the times of the year I have to have grace for myself and for baby girl. It isn’t her fault she hasn’t learned about time or time change. She just knows the schedule her body is on.

For me, I need grace for myself if extra naps (for this pregnant momma) have to happen. If I am too exhausted to mark something off of my list. Grace has to come into play.

Something else I’ve really thinking about is that, as a work from home momma, it may benefit our family for us to set up a schedule that continuously works before or after the time change, with our first activities and last activities just kind of “shifting”.

I don’t know what that will look like, but since I have been establishing a nap schedule for her (knowing we’re about to reduce from 3 to 2 naps a day), and getting a good work-flow schedule for me, I don’t want all of that to be completely thrown by this time change. Which, unfortunately, it has been just a bit thrown thanks to this new time change.

It’s that 5:30 wake up time. It’s not my friend…

The final thing I’ve been thinking about with this time change as a mom is that it makes sense that health and safety get impaired during the first few days of time change.

Getting our sleep and habits back on schedule has been tough since Sunday. We’re getting back on track, but it’s taking us some time. Honestly, when it comes to a “strict” schedule (I’m not a strict schedule person, but I’m trying to get better at holding to a schedule of sorts), I’m not planning on getting us back to it until we finish up November. With all the travel and events and NaNo, it just doesn’t make sense to try to get down to a stricter way to do things.

These are just some of the million thoughts I’ve had this week since Sunday (it’s only Tuesday…ugh – longest week ever). What are some of your thoughts the days after Daylight Savings ends or begins? How do you and your family adjust? Let me know in the comments.

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