Easing Back Into Life

There is so much that has been playing in my head in the 2 months since baby girl arrived. I need to sit down and write all my posts, share my must haves, begin to talk about the tiny house & ministry journey we are taking as a family of 3, but I have been taking it slow. Easing back into life.

I have been learning what life looks like as a mom, through the lens of postpartum depression and anxiety. What tiny life looks like in a bigger space. What life looks like as a work from home mom. What life looks like as a non-touchy person who is attached to another human most hours of the day…

And, how to balance the mom shame. I hate mom shaming. I have plans to break down different areas of this postpartum experience, but the feeding area has been the biggest struggle: from a tiny baby who couldn’t latch, to undersupplying, to a tongue tie…and so much support yet at the same time so much shame. Why do we do that to each other as moms? It’s terrible.

Another thing I wasn’t prepared for was how a baby would change our marriage and our ministry plans, and our tiny house lifestyle.

Basically, she has changed everything for the better, of course. But, now, here I am, easing back into life. And, honestly, relearning what life is or can be.

I hope you stay on the journey with me.

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