When You Need Little Extra…

Welcome to another Monday Motivation Minute.

Let me be real for a second: this morning, I S-T-R-U-G-G-L-E-D to get out of bed. This time change is no joke, and mornings & I aren’t friends to begin with. But, I got up, because I am a woman with goals and responsibilities.

I have spent quite a bit of time these past few weeks thinking about why I’m in the field I’m in…and pondering the changing world. The technological advances that are encroaching on every area of business, including the psychology and therapy world.

I got started on this path because I wanted to help the broken and hurting in the world – and I always thought that would mean me working with kids and teens.

But, the more I work with women and young adults (high school, college, 20s), the more my passion is awoken. He has breathed in me a passion for women in all walks of life, and young adults who are seeking direction and truth.

God has placed in me this desire and drive to discover and develop, to connect and gather (If my Strengths Finder 2.0 profile isn’t proof of that, I don’t know what is).

I love coming along side young adults and women of all ages, helping them wade through the brokenness of their past, see God do healing work, and helping them build an authentic life of doing whatever it is God has called them to.

I especially love when that means sitting with a high school or college student who is looking for scholarships or class information because they want to be lawyers, forensic scientists, or neonatal nurses. Or, even better, when they tell me they just want to build things or work on cars., and working with high schoolers that wanted to fix hair, own a restaurant, or even be a teacher.

I appreciate the creativity & entrepreneurial spirit God has placed in me, but some of us still have to show up to “day jobs” to make the world go round. I love encountering people who have passions for theirs, as I do when I sit with a client in the room.

I also like seeing people follow what they are passionate about, and helping them discover what that is. I really love helping them figure out how that passion serves those around them.

That’s why I was so energized this morning by conversations I had with two moms I know:

  • One is a stay at home mom who is kicking butt at all her side hustles, always ready to learn & work to improve. Already beginning to teach and train her daughter at home, which has been a goal for her for a while.
  • The other is a full-time working mom therapist friend of mine who is absolutely rocking one of the toughest case loads I have seen in a while. She’s killing it because God’s got her. She knows she’s called here. And, God is using her in big ways, even if she doesn’t see it.

Both of these moms are looking for a little extra money, looking to take care of their families and live the life God has called them to (which is so wonderfully, beautifully different for each, isn’t that great?!).

So, after conversations with these two women – and thinking about my own life – I realized maybe there are other working women or stay at home women or trying to get through college women who are burned out by heavy work loads, rigid hours, and lack of direction. Or women, who, in the course of life have come up against emergency economical situations that are to their disadvantage.

I come along side women in each of these categories with prayer, a listening ear, and a research mind to help find solutions (and if the solution is just listening, I am good at that).

Over on my personal blog, I shared some ways I and women I know who are rocking life, are bringing in a little more flexible income to support our ministries, our families, our education, and our passions/callings. Doors and opportunities God has exposed to me over the years that I felt compelled to share with those who may need them.

Click the link Sometimes, You Need a Little Extra and check out ways you can begin to bring in some extra money, or find a new passion/money making hobby. Or, maybe you know someone else in your life who needs the information.

God is bending my heart for women: women in ministry, women in helping professions, women in corporate offices, women staying at home with their homes and children. Women who are married, women who are single. Women of all walks who carry the weight of life – because we all carry it.

This is one way I can begin to help connect women to resources.

Like one of those moms said to me yesterday, “There’s room for all of us to succeed.”

We’re in this together; let’s help each other carry the burden.

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