Sometimes, You Need a Little Extra

Today, I’m talking extra…extra cash…flexible cash…be among the people or work while the kiddos sleep cash…

This morning, I had a chance to really stay in bed until this afternoon. I thought to myself, “I really need to just do some stuff with my life this morning.”

But, honestly, I really wanted to stay in bed.

However, I am a grown up and have goals to reach. So, I ended up talking to a few moms who are looking for ways to bring in extra income. I helped connect a couple of them to some online platforms I know that legitimately bring in some income. The other mom and I discussed our own online businesses.

God stirred in me: I know some of these online options, some of these sales options, some options that connect us with others and wellness.

So, I felt like sharing some of those ways here, because, you never know who is looking to increase income, have flexible second (or 3rd) income, or begin to live a more flexible life for whatever reason. You never know when medical bills, home emergencies, or car issues will happen.

I hope this list helps.

  • Blogging: Now, I do have a small level of income from affiliate marketing on my blogs. However, that’s not what I started my blog for. However, if you have a passion for writing, for connecting people with services they need (and have a market you understand), blogging can be a good way to bring in a small extra income each month.  Some people have even replaced their income with blogging. But, as this was never my goal, I haven’t put in the upfront work it takes. I recommend it, though, because to get started, you just need ideas, the right affiliate marketing programs, and a computer. You can learn as you go, and work while you’re kids are asleep. (I assume YouTube has a similar way of working, but I haven’t fully explored this option. More for someone with constant video content, affiliate links, and a way to expand their audience, but I do know some people who make a couple hundred in passive income each month from this.) Positives: you get out of it what you put in. It’s on your schedule, and it can work for you even when you’re away. Passive income is good income. Negative: a lot of up-front work, saturated markets, can take time to begin making money
  • Create your own digital content: This one goes well with blogging/YouTube. The idea is that if you create digital content to sell, you can begin to generate continual passive income. Like when my old business partner sent me a check for my earnings in our book sales (which she now solely controls – you can find my books here: Candice Jenee on Amazon). So, if you write an e-book, and publish it on, say, amazon’s platform, any time it sells, you get a cut. Or, you could sell it directly on your website as a pdf. or something, and keep all the sales (then, you’re in charge of sales tax, though, and I’m not about that life). There are also apps/sites that will buy stock photos, if you’re good at creating beautiful photos or short clips. Other companies pay for those photos, and, again, you get your cut. Another passive income stream. Positives: becomes a passive income stream once it’s out there. Negatives: A lot of up front work, time, and possibly some cost.
  • (and possibly other online transcription services): transcribe small files online. They pay a certain cent value per minute, and once you’ve completed 60 audio minutes, you get a bump in pay. I know there are other online transcription websites, but I work with Rev, and so far have found them easy, and appreciate the feedback they offer. If you can listen, and type, this is a good one to look into. You pick the jobs you want, when you want, as many as you want each week, as long as they are available. You even get paid for the training video. There are style points to learn and transcription lingo to get used to, but that’s the easy part. Positives: it’s very flexible & there when you need it. Negatives: this isn’t going to be a get rich quick option, it’s just  a good, solid, flexible income option.
  • Young Living essential oils: I know this one isn’t really online, but I do know people who are building their business online. I also understand it’s a MLM, but it’s one I’m passionate about. As a matter of fact, I’m a distributer (though I don’t spend a lot of time on this business, as I’m in it more for the benefits to my life, not the money). That said, let me tell you, I use these in my home, in my practice, and even *in the bedroom* (it’s true). I’m all about holistic wellness with my clients, and that means investigating options when they don’t want meds or when they want to improve their self care routine. So, if you want more information about this – let me know. I would love to have you on my team, answer questions you have about oils and wellness, and help you build a business you love. Also, if I don’t have an answer, my awesome upline probably does. Positives: work from home, promote wellness, connect with others, once the business gets going, it keeps bringing in income. Negatives: MLM, sales, lots of initial leg work, initial financial investment
  • Zeal: again, not really “online” per-se, but it’s another MLM company I support (I don’t work for them at all, in any capacity). I just use their products. I can’t process vitamins, so this is one way I can get a full vitamin dose in delicious format. It’s also helped curb my migraines and I noticed lower anxiety when I was using it daily. Another option for if you are looking to build a business that connects you to others and helps you spread wellness. If you want to know more, I can connect you to an amazing couple that has built a very successful business this way, so much so she was able to leave her stressful job behind and they have no worries for when he retires from fire-fighting. Positives: work from home, promote wellness, connect with others, once the business gets going, it keeps bringing in income. Negatives: MLM, sales, lots of initial leg work, initial financial investment
  • VIPkid: This might be one of the coolest options on this list. Teach kids in China to read – from the comfort of your own home!!! All you need is a teaching corner, a working internet, & webcam. Flexible hours, decent pay for a work from home job. Extra income from just a few hours a day (or week). Work as much as you want/can, make a difference in the world, and see little kids smile. What could be better than that? The only reason I haven’t jumped on this one yet, is that my internet connection isn’t the most solid right now, but I have been prayerfully considering this for a while. The teachers I know that work for them LOVE it. Positives: work from home, flexible hours, see kids smile. Negatives: requires 6 month commitment, need a really stable internet connection, should invest in microphone.

Obviously, there are more options out there, these are just a few of the ones I’ve been involved with or personally know people who have worked them (actually, who are still working/rocking each them). If you have the right passion or desire, any of these could actually become a career. Though, to be honest, most of them are side-hustles that are flexible and allow some freedom. For instance:

  • If you are a two income household, any of these may even mean you could leave your 9-5 to stay home with the kids (or with yourself…I know sometimes I like being home with myself).
  • It could be the boost in income you need to pay off medical bills, or car issues, or debt.
  • It could pay for that trip you’ve been promising your kids (or yourself) for years.
  • Maybe it makes the difference to get a good baby-sitter and have date night a couple nights a month.
  • Or, it could just mean a new dress and shoes (or more oils, I know my husband loves when my ER order comes in and he sees we’ve bought new oily goodness, haha).

If you have any other genuine & legitimate ideas, share them below. No spamming and no hardcore soliciting.

As one of my mom friends said yesterday, “There’s room for all of us to succeed”.
So let’s share and support each other meeting goals and seeing dreams come true. (And, seeing how God moves among us in these ways).

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