What I’ve Learned

Man, I really need to get into this writing every day groove…and I know I will.

Tonight, I got to spend time with my fella. But, he lives in that weird middle distance away from me, so he had to make the 2 hour trip home. I can’t wait til there’s no distance.

After he left, I was thinking about all I’ve learned to build the best relationship we can…

  •  Distance may make the heart grow fonder – but it also sucks. Take advantage of the time you have together.
  • Have the hard talks. Seriously. Have them. If you don’t, you may end up surprised or hurt later on.
  • Allow each other your moods and moments. We all have them. They shouldn’t last and we should try not to hurt others in them, but let them have their time.
  • End each day on a positive/good note. Even if a discussion/argument/disagreement isn’t resolved, end the day remembering you are a team and love each other.
  • Little gestures go a long way. Make some little gestures.
  • Talk every day, to the extent it’s possible. Connection & communication make relationships possible.
  • Have fun. Life is long. Significantly more so if you are with a partner that makes you miserable. Pick someone you can have fun with.

I know there is more I’ve learned, and more I need to learn. These are some things I’ve been thinking about tonight and wanted to share.

What about you? Do you have any small tidbits of advice? Things that have been important or valuable in your relationship? Share them below.

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