He’s Loving Me Through It All

“Nothing catches God off guard”

While catching up on daily work for the Women’s Bible study I’m in, this captured me.

Something I’ve heard a million & one times before.

But, tonight, I think I needed a reminder.

NOTHING catches God off guard –
– not even my heartache

He’s known it all from the beginning.
So, why not rescue me from it?

I don’t know…but that’s a topic for another day…

But, tonight, as I was praying, that thought was a good comfort-
– not even my heartache

Not any from the past when I questioned my existence, my faith, my worth. His love.
And, not the heartache of the present – separation & loss; insecurities and missing someone so deeply.

It’s not enough to catch Him off guard.

Does it concern Him?
I’d say yes, according to Psalm 34:18.
But, it doesn’t catch Him off guard.

Tonight, as my heart feels bruised & battered from insecurity and missing someone, this reminder is peace.

Do I still feel insecure? Not at the exact moment.
Do I still ache from missing someone? Yes, but there’s a beautiful hope in the missing.

And, God is not surprised by any of it, but, He’s loving me through it all.


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