Walking Forward in Faith

You ever let fear hold you back from something – something you know you want to do, maybe even something you know you’d be good at.

I’m there right now. There is a career move, job experience I would like to get.  One that people have been telling me they could see me in since high school. One I really believe would make my soul come alive…

But, out of fear, I keep making excuses, putting it off.

Honestly, to an extent, I know the heart is there. It involves what makes me come alive: working with teens & young adults.

See, I come alive, my passion is ignited, and I do my best work with teens and young adults. And, I am greatly energized by the school year.

The other side, though, is fear & doubt: not enough education, never done it before, too young, no training, not an expert, “comfortable” where I am…

These doubts have been keeping me from pursuing this avenue for over a year.

But, it’s time – time to just walk out in faith, see what doors God opens up before me. Allowing Him to lead me to the right opportunities and the right people.

So, soon, I will be looking for adjunct professor opportunities: psychology, social services, or general studies.

So, if you come across this, join with me in prayer as I move forward. Pray against fear and doubt. Pray that God will equip the called. Pray that I would be faithful and faith-filled. Pray that I would have an open heart and a prepared mind.

And, let me know how I can pray with you. Do you have a big change coming? Something fear is holding you back from that you want to move forward in/know you’re called to walk in? Let me know below. I want to pray with you too. We don’t have to walk this life alone. 

2 thoughts on “Walking Forward in Faith

  1. I have wanted to be a full time writer and travel preaching the gospel and healing broken hearts even since I was saved in 98. My relationship of 4 years has ended because my boyfriend chose drugs and I lost myself as a codependent. Many good guys come across my path but I’m not convinced, every one I’ve loved thought my faith was enough to carry both of us. I’m sad and tired, almost too exhausted to write my feelings down. I want joy and I want to live the desires of my heart. I need a breakthrough. And I want a life abundant instead of being scared of success.
    I will pray for you! Thank you.

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