9 Things I’ve learned from 2 months of Tiny Living


As with many phases of life, a lot of experiences have recently happened: moved, started a relationship, been building a Young Living business, and joined a church plant team.

Now, I would like to share with you some things I’ve learned about living tiny:

  1. First night issues may come up
    In every place I’ve lived, I have had some first night issues of some sort. Though, none as exciting as the first night in my travel trailer: a poorly connected toilet inlet which led to flooding in the bathroom, requiring all of my towels to clean. Every.Single.Towel. Then, our first major severe storms of the season. And, I honestly was worried for a second. Hail. 65+mhp wind. Driving rain. But, I survived my first night, and saw sunlight in the morning: FIRST NIGHT IG
  2. You may encounter bruises
    So, as the name implies, tiny living means small spaces…during my first weeks, I was running into things everywhere. But, as time goes on, I am getting used to my space, how it’s set up, and where things are. So, there have been less bruises.
  3. We really don’t need as much stuff as we think we do
    Honestly, the downsizing has been tough. But, it has continued since the move. We, as people genuinely need less than we think we do. I haven’t missed anything that I’ve parted with.
  4. Know what you need for your life-style
    Each of us finds value and beauty in different things. The key to making minimalism or tiny living work for you is knowing what you need. Knowing what motivates, moves, and inspires you.
  5. Organize, organize, organize
    I tend to be a bit of a disorganized, messy person. But, I am learning each day to be better at that. In a tiny space, you have no choice but to decide where everything goes, and putting it back there when you finish with it. (Remember what I said about tiny spaces and bruises?)
  6. It can be pet friendly
    My bunny seems very happy here. And, so many families in my RV park have dogs. Having and loving pets does not mean you have to sacrifice your tiny life.
  7. Plants can be helpful
    I am not a green thumb – but plants can be important & helpful. Right now, in the summer wasp and mosquito annoyance, I have mint plants flanking my door.
  8. You have to find ways to keep it smelling fresh
    Air can get trapped in a tiny space. So, ventalation is important. Also, keep it clean & smelling amazing. How do I do that? Young Living of course! My body care products, my cleaning products, my self-care products, and diffusing to help keep the place fresh, relaxing, and welcoming.
  9. It’s do-able for multiple people
    Honestly, a couple or a family could do this – but they (the couple) would have to be on board. This type of living isn’t for everyone. So, communication on needs and wants would be very important. And, the space would definitely need to fit both people’s needs.

So, I’m sure I’ve learned a little more than that, but those are the big things I’ve learned from my first two months.

Honestly, I love it. I wish I was closer to my job and family, but other than that, I love my space.

♥♠♦♣ -Tiny_Nephesh

Let me know below if you’ve learned anything from minimalism or tiny living, or if you have questions about the beginning of my journey. I look forward to hearing from you all.

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