Vagabond Jesus

“Jesus replied, “foxes have holes and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head”. – Luke 9:58

Some people balk at my idea of going tiny, living in a small, simple space,  traveling around, doing ministry.

They worry about my safety, my security, and my sanity.

It just isn’t done, by girls like me.

But, I have this stirring in my heart to live simply, with little. With what’s precious. And having an option for mobile living, traveling from place to place, experiencing the ways people worship & introducing them to the wonderful truth of the Gospel.

Just.Like. Jesus.

Jesus tells his disciples and those he calls to follow that their home is not here. In this earth, Jesus didn’t have a home. He traveled sharing the truth of eternity with others.

So, why is it so weird that that is exactly what I want to do?

Following my vagabond Jesus, living similarly to how He did during His life?

♥♠♦♣ -Tiny_Nephesh

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