I just realized I didn’t post yesterday 😳

Oh well, sometimes, we don’t do things perfectly.

And, honestly, I’m so exhausted tonight that I’m struggling to think of what to write…often, at the end of a trying week, I struggle to find my creativity…

but, now, it’s the weekend. A time of resting and relaxing.

And, while I genuinely hope that one day my weekends will be full of family time with my own nuclear family in the Pacific Northwest, for now, I will just enjoy a morning to sleep in & spend some solo time in my apartment.

I know I talk a lot about the desire I have to find the right relationship God has for me; but, on the flip side, I also feel so blessed by this time of learning & growing. And, I’m so appreciating how much time I get to spend solo serving Him.

So, even as I wait, for now, bring on the weekend!

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