We live in a world (at least in America) where we don’t get to know our neighbors anymore. We just each go about our independent lives, disconnected.

But, I try to say hi to any neighbor I see. My sister & I have made friends with the guys across the way, just by being willing to say “hey, how’s it going?”

I’m also really enjoying getting to know the family who lives above them.

Recently, God pulled on my heart in regard to them: for prayer & encouragement of them.

He’s a pastor of a small local church that God led him & his wife to begin. God called them to be shepherds to new people. I learned today that they don’t have a permanent church home base yet and they recently had all of their ministry stuff stolen (along with the trailer it was all in).

I didn’t know most of this when God was pulling on me to be in prayer & to be an encouragement.

But, here’s the thing – we don’t have to know the whole story if God is moving us to action. Our only responsibility is to act.

Whether at home or work or wherever, if God is moving you to pray for your neighbor, then pray.
If God moves you to speak life, then speak it. (BTW: He has already asked this of us, lest we forget.)
If God is moving you to bring a gift, invite someone to dinner, to care for someone, or whatever, then just do it.

We have nothing to fear (from our neighbors or anyone else) when we are walking in God’s plan for us. We have everything to gain by doing so.

And, moving in response to His call gets easier each time we do it.

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