As a perpetual, and likely lifelong, student, today’s theme word for #Write31Days #5MinuteFreeWrites struck a cord with me:


I mean, I could go so many different directions with this one!

But, really, the only direction that matters, is how I use this time as a single lady to study His Word.

After all, Paul had a point in 1 Corinthians 7, while I am single, my focus can be solely on Him (though, I fail at that often, putting myself center in my life…which is often when the spirals start…).

Now, I’d say I have a burning passion, but I am also able to control myself. And, since no one has come into my life as of yet to topple that self-control, I’m sure it’s not my time.

So, for now, I get the beautiful opportunity to say yes to any opportunity He puts in front of me, without having to consider how it will affect my fella.

And, I continue to pray for the life of the fella God sends my way. That our journeys may be similar paths, that our ministry focus would be in line with one another, and that we can serve Him together.

In this single time, I will continue my own study of His Word, knowing what is required of me & those around me. And, I will continue to look forward to and pray for the day my fella and I are finally able to study His Word together.


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