I’m actually ready for this (I think…)

As I shared in my last post, I learned a lot in 2015 – I went through a lot.

And, here I am in, with high hopes for 2016.

This morning, the pastor shared things that have been on my heart. Position. Purpose. Praying as if we believed. Living in an intentional way.

And, in Sunday school, we talked about the same thing – in terms of idolatry. And how we often put things before God (like the Israelites in Ezekiel 16)

Instead, he talked about focusing on God in the coming year. Putting nothing before Him (lest our sins hack us to pieces).

In Sunday school we were left with a list of questions to consider before forming our “New Years Resolutions” – a list of questions to assess where we stand.

As I wrote in my last post – this year for me, it’s not about resolutions, it’s about challenges. But, his questions were definitely worth pondering, if for no other reason than to really get an idea of where I’ve come to in the last year,
and at risk of bearing even more of my soul, I’m going to share some of my answers to those questions with you:

  • What do I feel I can pat myself on the back for?  This was a hard one- took a lot of thinking, but I feel like graduating with my Masters’ was such a big accomplishment, as was making the big decision to follow my dreams, which oddly included moving back to a place I thought I’d never live again.
  • What made me lose track of time? What was my biggest time waster? A lot of things made me lose track of time: reading, school work, pinterest & other social media; but, my biggest time waster? Netflix/TV. This is a reminder that I really need to prioritize where I spend my time & find ways to redeem my time.
  • What was the best way I spent my time? Educational pursuits. Career building. My time invested in my relationships & my relationship with God.
  • My biggest struggles? Another hard one for me – I feel like so many. Anxiety has always been there, and this year, depression tried to sneak back in. I struggled with keeping up with my writing/blogging, feeling bogged down by “realities” of life, and my struggles to work on my relationship with God. I struggled within the area of temptations, and purity (and what that actually means).
  • My favorite compliment received this year? Not a spoken one, exactly, but having support for my big move. Allowing me to be a grown up and do something so (seemingly) impulsive.
  • What am I committed to in 2016? Well, I guess I already answered this, sort of, with my challenges to myself. But, what it comes down to, by the end of 2016, I’d like to see myself be More Christlike.

So, that is what this year will be about. Being more intentional. Being more Christlike, whatever may come up as the year goes on.

And, so I say, bring on 2016. I’m actually ready for this (I think…).

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