Here we are, mere minutes to the end of Halloween. This means it’s almost time for my favorite time of the year… (I mean, that really starts in September, but after Halloween comes the real fun).

All Christmas everywhere! 🙂

This also means that the #Write31Days challenge is almost over.

Yet, I’m not quite there. I’m missing about 7 or 8 days, because, as they often do, things came up this month.

So, I will make them up, continuing to try to write them in the next few days.

The goal was to write about Finding Home

It came from the recent move, job search, thoughts on singleness.

And, I’ve found a job – where i’m almost to the position I’ve been working so hard for the past several years.

I’ve found an apartment – which my sister and I will be moving into in the next few months – almost again.

My dating life? Well, that’s where it usually is – my focus is elsewhere.

But, that’s all ok. it’s part of my story – and it’s not even close to being finished. But this chapter? Short as it is, it’s almost over and time for the next.

My current sense of home is that I am home – wherever I am. It doesn’t look like I thought it would, or like I hoped it would – but it’s almost there.

And, that’s one of the beautiful things: between life’s successes and failures are almosts and near misses.

And, home? That’s the place we process it all. That’s where we decide what we hold on to and fight another day for; or decide what we let go of and move on from.

There’s so much more coming in the next few months – and I can’t wait to experience and share it all.

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