Impatience at Home

So, you may have noticed that each of my posts on home seem to have a theme about them. That’s because, in my overall theme of Finding Home, I am going along with Kate Motaung over at Heading HomeThe idea is a 5 Minute daily challenge as part of this 31 day event, so I’m trying to make it work.

Today’s topic is patience, which is something I’ve written on before. Many of you who have read my posts before know that there are a few things I await

But, when I think about home, I realize it’s the impatience I get to practice at home.

I get to pour my heart out to my Abba, my family, my dog, my journal – about the things my heart yearns for.

I get to cry, panic, worry…I get to just be real for a moment.

I’ve learned that this doesn’t take away from my waiting. It doesn’t make my strong moments lose strength. It doesn’t affect the beauty of what will be.

It’s just a place I get to be real in my frustrations for a minute.

Because, out in the world, I use every ounce of patience in me: in my job, in my day to day errands, in waiting for a job, for “him”, for a home…(Not so much in the car – I’m working on that).

At home, there are moments, I get to practice impatience.

And, I’ll be honest – I am really glad for those moments.

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