verb: hold closely in one’s arms (esp as a sign of affection)
accept or support willingly and enthusiastically

noun: the act of holding closely in one’s arms
the act of accepting or supporting willingly and enthusiastically

When talking about the word embrace it can be taken so many ways. I’ve read through many different views from it:

embracing God & the relationship you have with Him
embracing yourself
God’s embrace of His people
embracing family/friends

When it comes to home, I feel it’s all of the above and more.

But, when I think of the word embrace? The first thing that comes to mind is the family I was raised in. My family are pretty much all huggers… They touch each other…

But, me? Somehow, I came out of that avoiding as much physical human contact as possible.

Do I hug people? Of course I do. I hug people I am close to. People who are safe. People who I’m comfortable with.

It takes me some time to get to this point in the relationship.

Home? Home is where I find the people I’m most willing to embrace.

The place I run when I need someone to wrap their arms around me. When I need someone to touch my heart by enfolding me in their love.

It’s the place I can shed off everything, be who I truly am, and know that who I am is embraced & loved deeply.

More than that, it’s the place I can embrace myself fully…and know that it’s reciprocal.

It’s the place I learn to embrace God & allow God to embrace me.

And, I don’t know about you, but when I come home, I feel that I’m being embraced just by walking in the door, even if I’m alone. Just the place itself makes me feel safe, wrapped in a hug in my surrounding, my piece of the world. And, even more so when surrounded by those I love.

And, one day when I have that special someone to share it with.

Because, That’s home.

Home is all about embrace.

4 thoughts on “Embrace

  1. We now travel full time so we visit a different church nearly every Sunday (except when we stay in a place for several weeks or more). This past Sunday, we went back to our home church. AH, the hugs!!!! It was so great to be HOME!

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