Another Letter to Me

I have been away again…though, I have a few posts written & ready, I have been hesitant to share them, and I am not completely sure why. So, I’m back for Tuesday @ 10The theme this week is: “If I Could Write a Letter to Past Me…”

Some of my readers know I did this a while back, but I realized, the me that wrote that letter could also use some words of encouragement.

Another Letter to ME:

Dear Miss Candice:

   It’s a good title to embrace, you’ll see.
   Recently, you wrote one of these… a letter to past you. It’s actually one of my favorites: so much wisdom from you to you, and now, I have some more.
Over the last three & a half years, you have really been learning what it’s like to live life FREE – free of the darkness (which tries to come back, from time to time), free of the loneliness, free of the pain.
But, a bigger battle is coming. Take heart. Remember who has overcome all – overcome the world. Also, remember, no matter how alone you feel, you aren’t. Reach out. Let others continue to love you.
Let God’s love soften your heart. Again and again. You’ll need it (I need it).
Don’t worry about the destination (I still don’t quite know what that is or how we are getting there…). Enjoy the journey – the ups, the downs, all of it. There is oh so much experience and adventure headed your way. Embrace it.
I’m still not married, but I’m learning each day how to be the kind of woman the RIGHT man will be drawn to. Try not to get too discouraged each time you hope someone might be your someone. He’s still not here yet, but I have great faith He’s coming. It’s just another one of those things we have to let God make beautiful at the right time.
And, I leave you with the final words you told our 18 year old self, because you really need to remember just as much:

“You are precious. Most days you don’t believe it because you don’t hear it… You are strong. Not on your own,
but because of the power within you from your Abba. You are a survivor and you thrive on.”

Candice Jenee’

5 thoughts on “Another Letter to Me

  1. What beautiful words, Candice! Praying you DO meet that “right man”; God knows who he is and where he is!! And, HE has HIS plan in place!!

    Thanks for sharing your words for Tuesday @ Ten!

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