Real – 5MF

It’s Saturday! (Right?!?) So, here’s is my ever late 5 Minute Friday post.

The theme this week: Real.

Ready? GO:

“Do you have an imagination?” This question started the friendship of my forever BFF and I…I don’t know, but in 5th grade, that seemed like the most important thing in the world.

I have always had a great imagination, very good at fantasizing and idealizing. To this day, it happens to be one of my best, most practiced qualities.

From idealizing a job, a school/career choice, or even a guy (so, so often in my life…Perfect Relationship? Anyone? No?)

However, reality is where I try to live…and right now,

Real is the pile of laundry I haven’t put away in about two months, it just gets recycled from wear to wash to chair pile to wear and back again.

Real is the stress of will I or won’t I graduate on time? (I will, but it’s going to cost me some extra $$$).

Real is the awkwardness I exude day in and day out, especially when I find myself talking to an attractive person or someone I deem “better” than me.

Real is the anxiety over talking to the guy I like, making up crazy scenarios for why I should stick with small talk to avoid any real friendship or potential relationship, thereby avoiding any rejection that may occur…Real is the total melting puddle I become when he enters a room & I see his smile, yet totally being able to make small talk anyway.

Real is sitting with broken & hurting clients, and knowing this is exactly where God wants me right now.

Graffiti wall at Block Party - legal "street" art spreading His name. It's always a good time at Block Party.
Graffiti wall at Block Party – legal “street” art spreading His name. It’s always a good time at Block Party.

And, Real is sitting in the first of another fantastic season of what my church calls “Block Party” and seeing youth use their talents to spread God’s message to their friends. Seeing local rappers, DJ’s, worship leaders, & youth leaders unite to build

the Kingdom rather than divide it.

Real is being a part of this Kingdom work on Earth; knowing I am a part of something so much greater than myself, and believing that God has so much more in store for the future.


4 thoughts on “Real – 5MF

  1. Isn’t it wonderful that His kingdom is the real kingdom, and that when He says He loves us, He doesn’t mean the “us” we try to project to everyone — the good-enough and smart-enough and everything-enough — but instead He loves the real “us,” seeing us more clearly than anyone else can, and loving us better than anyone else can (Is. 43:4)?

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  2. I love your post so much! I’m proud of you for chasing your dreams. It’s hard living in reality but still letting yourself have hopes and dreams. One quality I truly admire is your determination. I’ve never seen you give up. It’s this quality that will pull you through the final stretch of school. You’re in my prayers always!

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