It’s the 3rd Wednesday of January…time for my first #WorkItWednesday.

In November 2011 I weighed the most I have ever weighed in my life. I stepped on the scale we had in the office, saw what the scale had to say, & almost cried. I was terrified by the number on the scale. How had I let this happen? After keeping myself from gaining in college?

What happened was, I became sedentary, like much of America. Working in an office with an endless supply of office goodies, Starbucks runs, and very little exercise anywhere else.

And, I was mortified!

This happened at a time when I was trying to figure things out. 2 years out of college, and life was not at all what I had anticipated. So, at that time, I left my job in search of a new one…

Fast forward 6 months…

As of May 2012, I had worked at home depot for about 4 months – every day, on my feet…and, I began working at a gym in the Kids’ Club. More time on my feet & running around. I noticed I was feeling better and more motivated to get fit, and I had somehow dropped my first 15 pounds.

I got myself time with a trainer, began to work out, and focused on what was going in my mouth.

Fast forward another year…

I had dropped 35 pounds. I felt better, looked better, and my clothes fit better. I absolutely loved my job at the gym (I left Home Depot after starting grad school because I didn’t feel like I could handle two jobs and school).

May of 2013 I had just passed a year at this amazing job & was well into my first year of my Masters’ Program. Things were looking up in life.

But, that November, things kind of fell apart: and the weight began to creep back. Over the next year, dealing with stress from school & jobs, as well as working in more sedentary places & around a lot of sweets (oh, hello, Starbucks), I ended up putting on 15 of those lost pounds.

So for those at home counting: I found myself back at only 20 pounds shy of my heaviest weight, and if I didn’t do something about it, I could be staring down at that number very soon.

Luckily, I also found myself back at the gym for the best job ever, and at the beginning of December, I began seriously working out & trying to watch my food.

Between December & January 10th, I lost 3 pounds. But after vacation, my lovely, um, monthly “friend”, and a super stressful beginning to the quarter, 2 of those pounds found their way back (although, I also must remember, I have been strength training, so muscle is being made. Yay, better fitting clothes, even though the scale has barely moved! 🙂 )

So, now, I have to pick my goals:

  • Goal 1: 6 pounds gone by Valentine’s Day
  • Goal 2: 30 pounds gone by my Birthday (July 9th)
  • Ultimate Goal (I think…): 45 pounds gone

In order to get there, I am setting some smaller goals, and the first is my soda intake. Currently, I am back to about 1/day. I don’t like this. So, my goal is for the next month, only 4 sodas per week (16 oz or less). From there I’ll go down to 2, and then only have them rarely/on special occasions (if at all).

I am really excited to share this journey with everyone. To bring in quotes, pictures, tips & milestones along the way. And, I am really excited for  all the things 2015 has in store.

And, because everyone likes pictures:

Sometimes, the work happens in unattractive places at beautiful times.
Sometimes, the work happens in unattractive places at beautiful times.

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