Beloved – In the Busy-ness

When I decided to do this 31 day writing challenge, I knew it would be hard. Especially on days like today – with one activity after another – wondering will I ever get home…?!

How can I live in acceptance of being the Beloved when I feel like I barely have time to think…or breathe?

I wonder how I can find time to quietly contemplate what it means, what it’s like, even on such days when I am booked back to back to back for a 12 hour day…

But, here I am, finally at the end of my day, sitting in my room, lap-top open, with the sounds of Girl Meet’s World in the background (yes, I like this show…what can I say, I love the continuation of the Boy Meet’s World universe 🙂 )

And, throughout the day, I managed to at least find time to be thankful & reframe the craziness that is currently my life:

  • In the quiet time I have at the end of a morning shift while I clean the kids room – exhausted near the end of a week of working a ton of hours – I could be thankful that I have had more hours this week than I did in the last month at my previous job.
  • In the car from place to place, worrying whether or not I have enough gas, I found myself thankful that He has always gotten me where I need to be, and continues to.
  • Though I currently don’t have as much food around, at each mealtime, I found myself thankful that I had food to eat, even if not as much as usual.

Here at the end of my day, I am thankful for all of this and more. At the end of a day of crazy busy-ness, I find myself even more thankful than when I woke up, and even more aware of how God takes care of me out of His amazing love for me.

It is in our time of thanks that we really realize: Life as the Beloved is a life of gratitude.

Because in all times, on all days, in all circumstances, He is Love & that Love is ours. His joy is ours, no matter what.

“…for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.”
– Philippians 4:11

One thought on “Beloved – In the Busy-ness

  1. It is so difficult to catch those small moments to digest our lives and to thank God for them. So happy that you’ve been able to find those moments in your business.


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