Belong – Five Minute Friday

Here on my blog, I really try to participate in Five Minute Friday (over on Lisa Jo Baker’s blog)…usually, I am late.

And, the last few weeks I haven’t really blogged much. I got a few weeks off from school & during one of those weeks was part of an amazing Art Camp, which left little time to blog. Since then, I have been doing as little outside of work as possible in order to enjoy this fleeting break. But, now it’s back to the grind.

I wrote the actual 5 Minute Friday post on Friday, but didn’t have my laptop with me, so I’m just now typing it in. So, without further ado:


Ready? GO:

It’s something we all search for: a place to belong. A few of us are lucky enough to find it early, to always have it.
For others, it’s harder.

It’s the place where we feel love. the place we feel secure.

It’s where we are given the safety and freedom to pursue dreams.

And, at 26, it’s a place I’m just learning comes more from within than anywhere.

Being surrounded by the right people in a place that feels like home is helpful. It’s the right environment to mirror what Belong is really like.

And, it’s where I’ve been finding myself – or, rather, where I’ve been looking for myself.

It is nice

  • to be surrounded by friends that say, “Just write, every day. One day, it’ll be something.”
  • to have family say, “we’re so proud of what you’re doing, keep it up.”
  • to have a new – um – relationship? – where I feel wanted & pursued.
  • to see sunshine & trees
  • to see rainclouds & rain
  • to feel my breath, in and out

These things help. They mirror. they create a world and a message: you Belong…

But, it really has more to do with me – do I interact as if I belong? Do I accept it? Accept myself? Do I simply hide or exist?

No, I Belong. I belong in all of the above.
I belong in my own skin.
I belong in my beautiful, crazy, day-at-a-time life.


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