It’s only just begun…

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written. In my post “So, there’s this guy…” I wrote about the Airman & a few of our dates. I also shared how hard it is to write about our dates because they are so precious to me. That is still true, it is really hard, now that we are seeing each other regularly, to share about our adventures with strangers. I feel somehow the need to protect what he and I have. But, I let you guys in to my world when I was single & hoping for this dating thing to begin. So, I will continue to do my best to respect the loyalty I have to you here, and my loyalty to my new…um…relationship?

Since my last post, our total number of dates has gone to 7, with an 8th one coming soon. One a week, so that means, we are going on two months now. Truth is, I’m growing quite fond of the Airman 🙂

Sunlight through the Redwood trees

So far, pretty much every date has been dinner, and…(or and, dinner…)

We have gone hiking in a beautiful redwood forrest, after which, I managed to talk him into taking me to the nearby beach (because, really, when I’m that close to a beach, I’m gonna need to go). At the end of the night, just weeks before my 26th birthday, we kissed. A sweet goodnight kiss as he dropped me off at my doorstep.

We’ve seen two movies (Blended & Maleficent…I highly recommend both); we have gone on a picnic in the park; and he came to celebrate my birthday with my family in The City. (Yes, my family…the Airman was brave enough to meet most of my mom’s family, mom included…He has also been brave enough to meet my dad…).


When I started writing about being single, and about beginning to date, I didn’t give much thought about what this would all look like when I began dating – dating one person… I didn’t really give much thought to how I’d want to protect the boundaries of the relationship & the privacy of the other person, nor did I really think about how private I would want to be about the whole experience.

I also, as I said, am not too sure what people want to read about it, exactly, but one question I do keep getting is, “So, has anything official been discussed.” And, honestly, no, not yet.  Cousin told me, “now’s the time where you have to think about it, before he asks (if he asks), is, do you want to be his girlfriend?” She paused, waiting for me to answer. “Oh, you’re really asking? Well, yes, I do.”  So, truth is, nothing “official” has been expressly asked/stated, but, I’m not dating anyone other than the Airman. So, if/when he wants to ask outright (if that’s even his style), I’m going to gladly say yes.

Right now, I’m just enjoying our time together. And being content in knowing he is enjoying our time together, too…

Ok, and, I’ll be honest: I really do like him 🙂 And, I’m pretty confident that he likes me too 🙂

One thought on “It’s only just begun…

  1. Awesome! Glad to read the good news of your dating adventure going very well! 🙂 Aww, getting a first kiss is a sweet early birthday present 😉 🙂 The Airman sounds like a good guy, being willing to meet your family– I know it can be nerve-wracking meeting relatives of the person you’re dating/ significant other!
    Side note/ helpful hint: I think in my current relationship, it was around the 4 month mark {and after he told me “I love you”– we’d been friends for a few years previously} when I was the one who brought up the “just to be clear, so are we pursuing this as official serious boyfriend/ girlfriend” and he said yes– because I was nervous. In the beginning he’d told me to give him 3 or 4 months of us being exclusive to see if his romantic feelings caught up to mine & if we were compatible. Which was fair, since we were both figuring out how to be in a relationship. I was so glad to know that he & I were officially bf & gf! Hehe. So sometimes guys don’t outright ask.
    ** I learned (still am) that it’s very important to enjoy each day at a time, trust God & not worry/ freak out about the future so much 🙂
    Best wishes and prayers for you both in this journey 🙂

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