Mess – Five Minute Firday

I love that it’s actually Friday this time! Usually, on the weekends, I participate in 5 Minute Friday (though I usually miss fridays…) Each week, hundreds of us bloggers participate, writing on one theme for 5 minutes. No overthinking, no over-editing. Just writing.

This week’s theme is MESS


Mess… it’s all around.
Especially in my life. With little to no time left in my week, I see it: in my room, in my car, in my head…

This world is filled with messes: people, places, things. All a little messy, a little broken…

And very beautiful. If we take a moment to look under the mess, we find immense beauty. Like a diamond in coal.

We find:


Under the mess, below the surface, sometimes deep, deep inside.

My mess is visible sometimes, and sometimes not;
I may be able to close a trunk lid or a closet door.
I may be able to paste on a smile.

Sometimes, my mess is cleaned.
The smile is real &
The trunk lid and closet door hide nothing.

But, the only way my mess is truly clean, truly gone, and only beauty left
Is at the end, when it’s all over & I hear “Welcome home, daughter, welcome home.”

Until then, it’s a cycle: mess – clean – mess – clean
Allowing Him to work here to get me there.
Allowing others to see the beauty inside,
Allowing Him to make me beautiful
Beneath the mess.



Art Therapy = beautiful, messy therapy
Art Therapy = beautiful, messy therapy


What’s hiding under your mess? Love? Strength? Resilience? You may not
always feel like it, but there is something there.

2 thoughts on “Mess – Five Minute Firday

  1. Beautiful reminder of the mess we all experience this side of heaven. You paint a beautiful picture with your words of a time when the Lord will make all messes clean for good!!!


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