Where Are Your Feet Taking You?


Sometimes, I feel like I am at rest…

Sitting with my feet up

Waiting for the next step in my journey.

These times of rest can be excruciating

As I feel like I will never get where I want to go.


                       Then one day…

I find that I have moved on…

Or rather, that I am moving on.

And my feet take me to the next stop on the journey

           This is one of many stops

Feet in Dublin-webs

As I walk on towards the goal GOD has set before me.

Many days I wonder, when my feet are “at rest”,

“Am I ever going to move forward?

Will I ever make it?

Will I always be stuck with my feet up?”

Then, I look back, and my feet have taken me somewhere new

Without my knowledge, I have been moving forward.

       To someplace I never thought I’d be…           


But GOD knew, and I found when I followed HIM,

Even “at rest” I was not at rest at all,

But moving into the plan He had has for my life.

What about you?

Are your feet at rest in a place you want to escape?

Are your feet at rest in a place of peace?

Are you wandering down life’s path slowly?

Or, are you running towards the goal GOD placed on Your heart?

Where are your feet taking you?

Feet in Dublin-webs gold


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