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This post is related to Five Minute Fridays – but I’m doing it on Sunday. The rules are simple, if you want to play along: write for 5 minutes about the topic on Lisa-Jo Baker’s site, no overthinking, no extensive editing. Just write what you feel.

This week’s topic is WRITER



I tell people I’m a writer.
I try to convince myself.
it’s a battle some days.

It’s what I want. To let out the stories inside.

But, there’s a voice hissing at me. An enemy.
Lies that sound very much like truth.

Failure. Fool. Fraud. Phoney.

These words haunt me.
Keep me from my potential when I let them in.

Stall me.

Make me question.
Am I?
Am I a writer?

I am…

I am a writer.


2 thoughts on “Writer – FMF

  1. To let out the stories inside… this is the essence of a writer's heart. To proclaim the beautiful and the broken, and to do so with boldness. Praying you continue to grow and find your voice, no matter how strongly the lies tug you to remain silent. Visiting from FMF. Blessings!


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