“How did that happen?!”

Whenever people hear that I’m single, they usually just assume I’m single right now. Or that I haven’t dated much…

When they discover I’ve never been on a single date, I usually get a very incredulous look followed by the question, “How did that happen?!”
By this, they mean, how did I make it to 25 years of age without ever going on a date?
My go-to answer is the very simplistic: “No one’s ever asked…” 
Usually I give this answer with a slight twinge of bitterness.

But, though this answer is true, there is so much more to it.

It’s not like I haven’t spent time with guys, but it wasn’t in the “courtship” or potential romantic interest kind of way… And, in the past, there may have been friendships that likely had some potential, but I or he just weren’t quite attuned.
I have spent so much time focused in the calling I feel God has placed on my life, caught up in pursuing my education and career possibilities, that it’s been really easy for me to be oblivious or to block out everything else…

Like the handsome repeat customer at Home Depot who definitely flirted back… And may have actually tried asking me on a date, I just happened to not realize what was going on til it was too late.
And, when I do feel drawn to someone, I usually either find myself feeling timid & intimidated; or I tend to end up in one-sided friendships that leave me feeling used & drained.
Who knows, maybe God was protecting me from a crazy amount of heartbreak. 
Any way you look at it, the “How did that happen?!” is just how it happened. It’s just the journey I have taken in life.
And now? I’m ready for the next step in the journey…
The being open step…
The courageous step…
The first-date step…
Here. We. Go.

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