It’s once again a Five Minute Friday, but it’s not on Friday, it’s on Sunday. (Somehow, this always happens to me…)

The rules are: Write for 5 minutes. No extensive editing, no over-thinking. Just write what the topic inspires. Then, head on over to Lisa Jo’s blog where everyone links up to offer encouragement and find inspiration & community.

This week’s topic is  Hero

Ready? GO:

“When you heard a story bout the Hero dyin for the villain?” – Trip Lee ‘One Sixteen’

I know this story. The one where the Hero dies for the villain.
I know it because I am part of it.
My hero died for me. He died for you. In this situation, we are the villains. 
Now, I’m a pretty nice person, I do my best to live life as a good person, doing what’s right, doing good for others. But, sin still haunts me.
Pride. Lust. Anger. Just to name a few.
This separates me from God. Not only that, it puts me completely at odds with Him, makes me His ENEMY (Col. 1:21).
Therefore, if He’s the hero, that makes me the villain. 
But He died to make me His friend; He died to bridge the separation (Romans 5:7-10).
This story is truly a remarkable one. My God came down, stepped into time, and died that I may have life with Him. 
And, He did it for you, too.
Yet, all too often, I can be reluctant to share such a great story. 
But, I start today to share. To share the great story where the Hero lays down His life for his enemy & turns that enemy into a  friend.

2 thoughts on “Hero

  1. Such an absolutely amazing concept. A free gift that cost so much. I love how you explain what He has done for us. No doubt, He is the definition of Hero. Thank you for being bold and sharing. Visiting from FMF.


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