Different Aches

Today is 5 Minute Friday. On Fridays I usually try to participate in this. It’s great to relieve the pressure to write perfectly. So, here’s how it goes. Connect with The Gypsy Mama & find out the topic. Write for 5 minutes, no over thinking or editing. Then stop. That’s your post. I am also linking up with a new linkey I found Faith Filled Friday.

This week’s theme: Ache

Ready? Go!
In life there are many kinds of aches…

An ache, longing, desire deep in your soul. An unmet want that your soul cries out for.

Your body ahces after a long day of work. Or after a fun day out exploring or adventuring.

Sometimes, your body aches to warn you of an inner problem.

You ache for the loss of a loved one. Soemone who you’ve lost, or who has drifted away.

Aches aren’t really bad intrinsically. Actually, they can be beneficial.

A longing moves you forward. Aches let you know your body is working. They remind you you are connected to something. Or, they can signal to look deeper to take care of a problem.

They only become a real problem when we don’t give them credence, when we ignore them and let them rule our lives.

As one who desires to one day be married, I could let that ache rule my heart & life and refuse to be anything until I have a partner. I don’t do this.

If my body is chronically achy and I don’t listen, I could find myself seriously hurt, sick or worse.

He does not want this for us, so listen to those aches, give them over to Him, and attend to them properly. The aches are there to tell you something. He wants us to listen and give it over to Him. I know this because His word says:

“A hope deferred makes the heart sick,
but longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” – Proverbs 13:12

Just as my aches in the heart tell me I desire something, my aches in the body remind me how wonderful it is to be working again, and the aches of missing people remind me that I am connected to His body.

What are your aches telling you today?


Beholding Glory

4 thoughts on “Different Aches

  1. This is incredible! I have never thought about my aches telling me something. Thank you for giving me something neat to ponder.And thank you so much for linking up! It is a blessing to have you. 🙂


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