Dreams into Reality

I have learned something about dreams recently:

Dreams rarely look the same in real life as they did in your, well, Dreams. God seems to have a way of taking what’s in your head and making something even greater out of it.
I don’t know about you, but I always had a picture in my head about what things would look like at different points in my life. Now, they don’t look quite the same at all, and yet somehow I recognize it as my dreams coming true. And to be honest, things look a lot better than I could have thought.
Recently, a high school dream became a reality. I now co-own a small, independent publishing company, AngelInk Illuminations. I have a wonderful business partner named Laura Noelle. She was not the business partner I had envisioned in high school, but I can’t imagine going on this journey with anyone else. 
Later this month, another life long dream will become a reality. I will be a published novelist. AngelInk is going to release my debut novel, Please, Never Forget. And, I am ecstatic. But, even this doesn’t look the way I dreamed it. 
Dreams are just that: dreams. And, if they are ever to become a reality, you must share them. You must be open. And, you must take action. It is in sharing, being open, and taking action that you find the reality of the dream. 
And for me, the reality is often so much sweeter! 

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