Dreaming with Ramona

The other night my roommates and I watched ‘Ramona and Beezus.’ We laughed and cried as we watched our childhood friend come to life on screen. I kept thinking, Look at that little girl. Such big dreams! She knows who she is, she’s proud, and she’s so wonderful!

Then, I remembered that I used to be just like that. I once thought I could be or do anything in the world. At some point, I was so secure in knowing who I was. Right about the same age as Ramona, I had the same questions that she did, “Am I extraordinary? Am I beautiful? Can I be important?” Where Ramona was met with many aswers of “yes,” I found so many “nos.”

Now, I find myself wishing for just an ounce of that confidence back. The confidence that says, “I can do anything. I am beautiful. I am important.” As I ask the same questions all over again, I am met with so many “yes” answers this time.

The best one comes from my ABBA. I am His poem, created fro His good works (Ephesians 2:10). He has made me beautiful in my His own time (Ecc 3:11) and own way.

What about you? How were your questions answered? Because, Your Abba delights in you as well. His is the biggest and most important “Yes!”

Listen…Do you hear Him?

*Bible verses paraphrased from NIV

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