Broken Hallelujah

 “When all that I can sing is a broken Hallelujah. When my only offering is shattered praise. Still a song of adoration will rise up from these ruins. And I will worship You and give You thanks. Even when my only praise is a broken Hallelujah.”

Much of my life, this is all that I have felt I could offer GOD. A broken Hallelujah from the ruins of a shattered heart. This heart I saw as worthless and inferior, but it was simply all I could offer to GOD. It never quite felt like enough to me.

I look(ed) around me and saw I was surrounded by beautiful and talented people. People who seem(ed) to have it all together. Whole people.

Sure, I knew I was smart – but that was the extent of what I felt I could contribute to the world. The world didn’t even get my shattered heart. They got smarts and fierce loyalty, GOD got my shattered pieces.

Now I know that even my shattered pieces are O.K. They are enough because GOD makes them whole. And, in making my heart whole, He shows me who I really am: ABBA’s Child. He made me for a purpose. He made me His beautiful poem. A quirky, smart, talented poem. And, in Him, my beautiful brokenness is made whole.  

Song lyrics: “Broken Hallelujah” by Mandisa

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