Staying Simply Creative in Holiday Chaos

As we have only 2-ish weeks left in the craziest year of our lives – thanks 2020 – some of us are trying to figure out how to continue to be productive and creative.

Let’s be honest, we’re all tired. But, the world keeps on going.

So, when we have a creative passion project – especially one we want to monetize or turn into a business/ministry – how do we handle being creative during the holiday season? What are we doing to keep up the habit? How do we make sure we have harmony through each areas of our lives?

I’ll give you a few things we can do through out the holiday season & winter festivities that set us up to gear up at the start of a new year:

  1. Step back & slow down – don’t pressure yourself to stay full force as you have been, or how you want to be. Let it be a slow season.
  2. Do it for yourself again – when we start to turn passion projects into business or ministry, we sometimes lose ourselves in the need to create content for others and forget where our passion and love for the medium came from. So, do it for yourself again.
  3. Connect with other creatives – let the holiday season be a time you connect with others who share your love of the craft.
  4. Let your passion guide – going along with doing it with yourself again, let your passion choose your content creation. Open yourself up to the muse instead of the audience.

Why these things? We get often overwhelmed in the holiday season. So, when we slow down, we enjoy it more. We remind ourselves of our love, our passion, and the reason we started. When we slow down, we remove the pressure of content creation that comes in a content creation business.

When we turn our creative passion into a creative business or ministry, it’s not easy. There’s work. It adds to our plate, it doesn’t take away. So, slowing down without coming to a stop keeps our creativity flowing without forcing it.

Something to consider (which I’ll be writing more about soon): What’s your unrelenting passion? What’s the passion you come back to again and again?

Also: what do you want your creative life to look like – especially in terms of creative business or ministry? What do you want it to look like in 2021? Let this time you slow down and be time for you, be the time you make the choice to step into those BIG DREAMS.

And, enjoy creativity itself.

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