How to Build Authentic Business – Authentic Life

In my last post, I talked about how to start & grow a business as a momma struggling to navigate overwhelm or chronic illness. (I say business, but this applies to running a ministry, as well, so any place you see business, you can also substitute ministry, if that’s your capacity.)

Something we need when it comes to building that business while we are also caring for our own wellbeing is: authenticity.

I know you’ve heard that before. You’ve probably talked about how you are an authentic person, but we have to let that bleed over in our business in order for it to continue to permeate our life.

But, what does that really mean? If we are going to build a business that is growing and fulfilling and in service of others – we have to be authentic. And, to find that authentic business, we have to answer some questions:

  • How does this line up with me?
  • How does this line up with my lifestyle?
  • How does this line up with my values?
  • What legacy do you want to leave behind?
  • How do you want to make others feel?

As we answer these questions in the early stages of business, we find our way to a foundation of authenticity.

These questions are what connect us with: what we love/our passion, what the world needs, how those two things line up.

How does this look on a practical level? I’ll give an example.
For me, I needed a business that fits a busy mom lifestyle, that valued my education, and that served other women. I wanted to be a blessing to other mommas, and to be aligned with what I believe in faith and in life. Once I was a momma, I knew I couldn’t go back to an office or out of the home work, because I knew I wanted to be home with my babies and to be able to teach them. I also needed the flexibility to account for flair up days, or times I wouldn’t be able to do much.
My business aligns with all of that.

There are a few more considerations and systems we need to get in place for our businesses to be authentic – and thus contributing to our authentic life.

We all have the opportunity to build businesses and ministries that really align with us, with our values, and with our lifestyles. Your business doesn’t have to look like mine to be successful. You don’t have to have all the energy in the world – I know I sure don’t have all the energy in the world.
As a matter of fact, today has been a work from bed day (and the couch during the baby’s nap time).

Maybe you can only work during your kiddos naps or after bed time – that’s ok.
Maybe you can only work a few days a week due to energy levels, physical limitations, or any other reason – perfect.
Maybe you need a business with abundant flexibility that doesn’t require you to get out of bed everyday – no problem.
Even you can build an authentic business.

How do I know this? Because,

And, if I can do it, you can too, momma! But, you don’t have to do it alone!

I have a FREE training coming up this Friday, October 30 (11am CST) on Instagram. In this training, I’ll be covering all the basics for building authentic business as a momma navigating overwhelm or chronic illness. There is a companion workbook going out to my email list and anyone who wants it – sign up here.

Who would benefit from this training and workbook:

*Mommas looking to level up or start an authentic business/ministry.

*Mommas staying home with the kiddos, and looking for a way to add income from home in an authentic way.

*Mommas doing all this while navigating overwhelm, or chronic physical or mental illness.

*Mommas looking for ways to keep motherhood and/or chronic illness from becoming their only identity, and ready to reclaim themselves.

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